Creating videos to tell the story of your Wedding, Engagement, Functions, Events, Promotions & Funerals.
Corey is a filmmaker who has always had a love to work with the camera. He has spent many years working hard at university to gain a number of qualifications for knowledge and experience in many creative areas such as photography, media arts as well as television and film production. 
His love for storytelling through use of camera and lighting became pronounced during his bachelor studies at university. With a background in photography and a degree in filmmaking, Corey's depth and understanding of capturing images to tell a story is unique in perceiving how a story can be told and how emotions can be conveyed through those images. 
Corey alway aims to expand his knowledge and understanding of filmmaking. His attention to detail always makes sure his standard of work is held high and always aims to do the best work he has ever done.

Experience & Education:

8+ years in wedding industry

Bachelor in Film/Television

Diploma in Photoimaging